aloha, 2008!
i feel so lucky, globe gave me unli!
a friend wished me a happy birthday yesterday. real sweet.
gma7 was 5 seconds ahead of abscbn2. not bad, considering they were ages apart last year.
it was a bit too silent up at the highlands. though you're able to meet the fireworks at eye level, it was a tad too quiet.
but quiet isn't bad, either, as long as you have cheesecake for midnight... and company, of course.
i find it strange, though - every year i get to see the fireworks with a newfound friend.two eves ago, a japanese girl; then last year, two young south korean boys.
last night, a la sallite lass. i just met her three or four days ago...
yet somehow i felt at ease while she was bombarding me with the silliest questions and anecdotes.
i'd sure want to meet her again, but i can't wait for 2009, either.
though i'm rushing too much. i totally forgot about homework. and three exams too!



it came from my MPs 10 professor. apparently, he knows that someone's been absent from his class for five meetings already.

so i'm dropping that subject next year. right at bat for 2008, eh?

and there goes my mom randomly uttering, "wow, may anak akong cum laude!"

no, i haven't told them. yet.

hoooo, i feel down.


a high school pal greeted me happy valentine's day this early. told me that he wanted to be the first one to greet me that.

some people are really strange, not wanting to waste a single minute. heh.

and speaking of high school, i seriously browsed my yearbook for the first time ever.

gave me lots to think about... and fits of laughter.


tagaytay today, baguio tomorrow. it's the perfect christmas break... but for two reasons.

i have a sprained foot. and sprains hate cold weather. as luck would there be, i also got the flu from santa!

and... how about homework? don't forget the exams too!

anyway, i played tennis here with a newfound friend this morning. i was owned miserably. either i really suck, or she was really damn good.

and yes, sprain or no sprain, it would've been the same.


more tennis whatnot:

"balls are meant to be lost
rackets are made to be broken
in the name of tennis,
love [matches] happens!
-rj? and gab

tennis + acads = stress
but tennis is love! and love = 0.
thus, acads = stress.
furthermore, no acads = no stress!


Tennis UP will celebrate its first anniversary next year! special events in connection to that will be posted as a follow-up.

with that, happy 2008 to the world!!!


...and there was me, the dumbest smartass ever.

it was a grave mistake, but i don't want to have any regrets.

a few choice words and change was bound to happen, sooner than later.

but then, maybe change will be for the better... no, scratch that. i hope it will be.

though i might have to beg everyone to stop egging me on. [please, please, please!]

*is it just in our locale, or is everyone having buko juice for noche buena?

**christmas and schoolwork is like oil and water. don't bother yet, we're supposed to be on holiday!

well, a glorious season to all!


...and there were fireworks.

the night sky glittered. my heart was ablaze. your eyes... the brightest of them all, such a spectacle...

it was the perfect setting... yet i managed to screw up.

next thing i know, even the ashes forgot to leave any trace.

i looked back, and what remained was you, just you and your silence.


and there was evening, and there was morning... the first day.

and there was you, just you and your silence.


happy holidays to everyone!!! i really suck, blog maintenance-wise, don't i?? (",)